Types of finishes for rustic bathrooms that you will find in our collections

Types of finishes for rustic bathrooms that you will find in our collections

Choosing a good finish for your bathroom furniture is essential if you want to create unique spaces, in which you can feel comfortable.

Bathforte, make every effort to have finishes that are in the latest fashion, that adapt to the taste of each client and that of course withstand the conditions that occur in this space of your home: humidity produced by water, wear from bumps and scratches that may occur, etc.

For them, we have created two lines of finishes, which we can be applied to any of our products.

What finish best suits the bathroom furniture of your dreams?

Translucent finish

It is a type of stain with a watercolor effect that is applied directly to the wood, after having given it a treatment to improve its durability.
As it is a stain applied directly to natural wood, the grain of it can be glimpsed creating a unique effect.

Regarding its functionality, it stands out for its great resistance to being damaged over time, as it is capable of withstanding strong blows without them being appreciated.

From an aesthetic point of view, if you like it to be seen that your furniture is made of wood, this is your finish: the delicacy and naturalness of its veins combined with our colors make it ideal for modern bathrooms. In addition, due to our wide range of translucent finishes, they can be combined in any type of space, regardless of their color, textures, materials, etc.

Lacquered finish

The lacquered finish, on the other hand, is done by applying an acrylic paint directly on the furniture that creates a uniform color effect. Thanks to this treatment, we will find furniture that has a great resistance to light wear and that is capable of being exposed to light without hardly changing its hue.

As for the aesthetic part, the matt lacquered finishes and the wide range of colors that we have will allow you to choose the furniture that best suits your personality and your home.

At Bathforte, we strive to offer the customer differentiated products so that they can create a dream place in the bathroom.


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