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We are Spanish manufacturers with over 25 years of experience in the furniture and integral decoration industries. We specialize in Projects, we manufacture custom bathroom and kitchen furniture tailored to our client’s specific needs, betting on ecological lines.

Our commitment to the environment

Committed to the environment

We fight against deforestation and forest loss: all the wood that is cut for raw material comes from Legal Forests where a controlled environmental reforestation is enforced.

The forest areas where these trees are cut down are repopulated with trees, under a rigorous process of Environmental Reforestation.

Our business model promotes the Circular Economy, not only for the raw materials but also for our packaging and cartons: Recycled and Recyclable.

All our products are made with natural wood, certified by our wood suppliers with the PEFC chain of custody certificate that they have, offering a fully sustainable product guarantee for the environment.

Natural wood bathroom furniture

We manufacture our products with Regenerative Designs, therefore we promote a positive impact on the environment thanks to the implementation of the Circular Economy model. All the materials utilized to manufacture our furniture are recycled and recyclable, meaning that after their useful life, the materials are reprocessed and return to society converted into another recyclable product.


We base our experience on the culture of innovation, meticulous work and artisan manufacturing of our products.

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