Differences between the types of furniture depending on their raw material

When we are buying furniture, we see that most of them look like wood, but there are so many price variations between similar products.

This difference in the price is due to the boards used for their composition. Usually, bathroom furniture can be of three types: natural wood, board covered with natural veneer or melamine.

Next, we will explain some peculiarities depending on the material used.

  • Solid wood furniture.

This furniture use natural wood as the main element. We always have to be sure that it comes from legal forests.

Mainly, these wooden furniture’s are used for a rustic style. Cherry tree, walnut, oak are used to create a classic style and pine for a Nordic style.

Due the fact that it is a high-quality product with 100% natural materials and the handling of these products is practically handmade by carpenters and cabinetmakers, the price of this products is usually high.

  • Wood veneer furniture.

They are what we usually call wooden furniture. These are made from chipboard or MDF covered with wood veneer.

These furniture has a lower price than the wooden ones, but higher than the melamine ones. Since higher quality boards are used. Also, the manufacturing process is more complex than melamine, since you have to sand, apply color, sand and then finish. In this way, as veneer is a natural product, the end result is a more elegant product with better quality and durability.

  • Melamine furniture.

Melamine coated chipboards are mainly used. Although there are many different qualities, the price is much more affordable than the other we talk before, because the raw material used is cheaper besides to the fact that the manufacturing cost is lower. But in the beginning they are usually copies of wood veneer furniture. Boards and ironwork of less quality this also reduce this reduces its price.


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